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While working on Identity Suite project and using REST API to add information into the My Requests Module there is a situation where you need to add the new line /brake line in the third column of the Implementation Details popup window

In this screen using  options like HTML tags, \n, \\n, \n\r, 
 doesn't seems to work.






Using “\n” in the content will work, but you need to add a custom rule in the Branding section for the BREAK LINE to be applied:

  1. In Identity Portal Admin UI, click on the Branding tab.
  2. Add a new custom rule with the following CSS selector name - [ng-repeat="info in processInfo"]

  3. Add a new attribute for this rule. Choose ‘other’ option in the attributes dropdown and type in “white-space”. Add the value “pre”.

  4. Save the changes.


For example, if this is the content of the Service Account API call:



"requestId": 11978,

"infoToAppend": "This is the first line\nThis is the second line\nThis is the third line",

"protectedValue": false




The result looks like:



Credit: David and Pape.