Blog Post created by le.al01 Employee on Nov 3, 2017

05:05 am – Wakeup and Uber to the airport: while others don’t feel like going back to work on Monday mornings, you must be ready to catch your flights.

05:45 am – Security line and fly out: breezing through with TSA Pre✓, grab a Starbucks cappuccino, and hope getting an upgrade to enjoy your flight prior to the awaiting stressful week.

08:30 am – Land and head to the client site: Hertz Gold is a must if you want to be there in time .

09:00 am – Morning schedule: intensity starts, check your calendar, put on your expert hat attend the standup meeting.

10:00am – Get busy: you have 2 hours to work as hard as you can to prove that you’re worth the consulting rate .

12:00 pm – Lunch: enjoy your meal while your eyes are checking emails and texts.

01:00 pm – Conference calls: discuss with the PM, SME or support on outstanding issues .

02:00 pm – Grind: time to get things done to have some deliverables for your daily status report .

06:00 pm – Reply to emails: you finish your day with the customer but still have lots of emails to reply to.

07:30 pm – Dinner: meet your project team for dinner, talk more about work and plan for the next day.

10:00 pm – Sleep: check into the hotel, find your room, unpack, then exhaust on a strange bed trying to catch some sleep…