CA PPM: Easy way to update environments using XOG

Blog Post created by menan07 Employee on Apr 23, 2017

Hi Guys,


I just released the first version of an application to read and write XOG files. I was trying to use the CA PPM Package functionality but it still has some problems that make it impossible to use on more complex environments. This is why i started to work in some alternative to minimize the effort to update complex environments we all work.


Below are some of the common tasks that i was aiming to simplify:

  • Read views from one partition and write the same data to many other partitions;
  • Include attributes in views from on environment to another in specific partitions;
  • Update production environment including specific attributes and not sending everything from development;
  • Update CA PPM menu, adding only the itens that i need;
  • Avoid the need to edit XOG xml files to define what data i want to write in the destination environment;


The application consists in a command-line executable file (cas-xog.exe), some driver xml files to define what you want read and write and your environment xml settings file (xogEnv.xml).


Your driver xml file (ex.: xogEnv.xml), as a best practice, could be used also to register in time of development what changes you have made and the sequence that you need to update your production environment. After finishing your configurations just use this driver file to read and write the XOG files.


Use this lik: to download the files and read the instructions on how to use. I am available to answer any question or doubt.


Any improvement suggestion is welcome, hope this effort helps you all!!!