Jaspersoft Acquired by TIBCO

Blog Post created by misterbaanu on Sep 29, 2017


TIBCO recently acquired Jaspersoft, the company formerly behind JasperReport. JasperReports is the most popular and widely used open source reporting tool. It is used in hundreds of thousands of production environments. JasperReport is released as Enterprise and Community editions.

Similar to BIRT, JasperReport consists of several components such as the JasperReports Library, iReport Report Designer, JasperReport Studio, and JasperReports Server. The Library is a library of Java classes and APIs and is the core of JasperReport. iReport Designer and Studio as the report designers where iReport is a Netbeans plugin and standalone client, and Studio an Eclipse plugin. Note: iReport will be discontinued in December 2015, with Studio becoming the main designer component. For a full overview and description of the components, visit the homepage of the JasperReports community.

A full feature list of JasperSoft (Studio) can be viewed here. Different from BIRT, JasperReport is using a pixel-perfect approach in viewing and printing its reports. The ETL, OLAP, and Server components provide JasperReport with valuable functionality in enterprise environments, making it easier to integrate with the IT-architecture of organizations.

JasperReport is supported by excellent documentation, a Wiki, Q&A forums, and user groups. Based on Java, JasperReport runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It’s latest release 5.5 is from October 2013, and is licensed under GPL.