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All right -- after many fits and starts (seeing as how my last blog post was 8 months ago), it looks like I will finally get to update Ideas on the site now that I have finished an exhaustive review of them all.  There are typically 5 types of Ideas on the Ideas site (and I should know, having read over 1500 of them):


1) Ideas of reasonable scope that could be incorporated directly into our managed product backlog.

2) Ideas that are duplicates of other ideas

3) Ideas that, due to product changes, are now considered obsolete (e.g., all BusinessObjects related Ideas).

4) Ideas that are not relevant for any other reason (i.e. wrong product, product questions, etc.)

5) Ideas that are either (a) too large in scope to be manageable or (b) do not contain enough detail regarding specifically what is desired.


Picking which status an Idea falls into is constrained by the overall CA policies regarding Idea classification (that is, all CA products use the same choices for Idea status).  So, even if I want to say that and Idea is more likely or less likely to happen in terms of planning, the only status options available are "Currently Planned", "Wish List" or "Under Review".  Given that, here is the way I will be starting to classify Ideas over the next few weeks:


A) Ideas that meet #1 above will be placed into "Under Review".

B) Ideas that meet #2 above will be identified as "Duplicate".

C) Ideas that meet #3 or #4 above will be tagged as "Not Planned" with an appropriate explanation.

D) Ideas that fall into #5 will be placed into "Wish List" status with an appropriate explanation.  They can still accumulate votes and receive comments, but we are unlikely to act on them in this form.  I would suggest either altering or (preferably) submitting a new Idea that provides a more focused and detailed scope for us to address.


My hope is that this process will provide more information to you -- our customers -- of where things stand in terms of your product suggestions.  I will also be cleaning up some items with regard to "Delivered" and "Currently Planned" items as well.


Please feel free to provide feedback to me at any time.  As mentioned in my previous post, I am not often on social media, but I always aim to improve and appreciate suggestions for how I can make our interactions more productive.  Your success is important to me and I value our continued partnership together.