A Separation of State:  Breaking API Management Down

Blog Post created by oakbi01 Employee on Feb 23, 2016

The marketing and sales teams at CA focus on what we consider the strongest API Management platform available today (granted, I say this with a hint of bias, mind you).  For our customers, CA offers a compelling, secure solution that can be deployed as a true on-premises solution, a SaaS solution, or even as a hybrid solution.


This variety of choices on deployment can be a bit confusing.  So on March 1, at 9am PST, Francois Lascelles (VP of Presales at CA) and I will be dissecting API Management into its parts - we'll explore the advantages of on-premises deployment, SaaS deployment, and why a hybrid solution may be the best deployment option for many enterprises.  Francois will also take a brief look at the rather rapidly emerging world of microservices patterns and how API Management plays a crucial component in that world.


If this is an area that you find interesting, feel free to click on the link below, and we'll see you there!


A Separation of State: Breaking API Management Down | March 1 – 9am PDT

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