CA API Management SaaS New Features Rolled Out

Blog Post created by oakbi01 Employee on Jun 2, 2016

As most of you know, CA API Management solutions that utilize our SaaS model have several compelling advantages over on-premises models:

  • No software to install, maintain, or upgrade
  • Faster time to value (up and running almost immediately)
  • Purchased with OpEx rather than CapEx (so more cost efficient)
  • UX designed with mobile in mind


Our SaaS model is upgraded regularly with new features that customers automatically benefit from  -and the updated solution this week includes some GREAT new features that I wanted to share with you:

  • Leading off,we now support CA API Gateway 9.1 and OAuth Toolkit (OTK) 3.4.  CA SaaS APIM has been moved to CA API Gateway 9.1
  • We've expanded our solution to include integration with CA Mobile API Gateway, with out of the box integration with on-premises solution (through our SaaS Portal deployed in Hybrid mode)
  • We've also introduced Application Custom Fields.  A new capability that's deployed with our OTK, this field can be evaluated using context variables in our Gateway policy engine to make run-time decisions...drastically lowering the cost of customization and solving more business problems
  • Integration with Google Analytics


As you can see, CA API Management SaaS has quite a few new features - we invite you to check the solution out at your convenience....you can click here to start your trial of CA API Management SaaS today.