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Blog Post created by oakbi01 Employee on Aug 24, 2016



Less than a year ago, CA Technologies announced CA Live API Creator v2.0 – an innovative way to instantly create enterprise-class APIs from data sources.


Today, I’m excited to announce the release of CA Live API Creator 3.0 – a truly fantastic upgrade.  Version 3.0 introduces new features that are a game changer, supporting a wide variety of API/application creation methodologies (top-down, bottom-up, code-first), new personas (developers, business users), and new technology trends (microservices, “serverless”).


Continuing on the path of innovation, CA Live API Creator 3.0 includes these enhancements:

  • Managed Data – Create and manage underlying data sources without requiring DB admin skills
  • Application-Driven Design – Create new data models and APIs in an application-centric UI, without having to understand the underlying tables, columns or relationships
  • API Authoring – Quickly create robust code-first APIs on scalable infrastructure with browser-based code completion, a runtime debugger, and built-in helper libraries
  • Salesforce Integration – Combine Salesforce objects with other data sources to create novel APIs with application logic and customization
  • XML Input – Enable PUT/POST of XML-formatted API requests
  • PostgreSQL as Admin Database – Deploy Live API Creator using Postgres as a supported admin DB


You can download the latest datasheet here, and I invite you to join in on the excitement.  Download your trial of CA Live API Creator today.