CA Live API Creator 3.1 Available

Blog Post created by oakbi01 Employee on Dec 9, 2016

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about an amazing update to CA Live API Creator – allowing application driven design and multiple API development methodologies (bottom-up, top-down, or code-first – your choice!).  Today, I wanted to give you yet another update – CA Live API Creator 3.1 is now available.


So what’s new in 3.1?  Plenty!  Let’s start with more backend support.  SAP NetWeaver is now supported, as is Apache HBase.


Next, we created the ability to call functions as API endpoints.  This means that you can execute arbitrary JavaScript and return a JSON response, either standalone or in reference to a table or Resource.  These functions show up in REST Lab and in your Swagger documentation, complete with well-defined input parameters. You can also call them from Rules or Request Events.


And finally, building on the Managed Data feature we introduced in CA Live API Creator 3.0, we’ve added Metadata-Driven Modeling. This allows you to create backend data models based on Swagger/schema metadata – think of it as design-first API creation.  This means that you can import a Swagger doc or a simple JSON metadata file, and CA Live API Creator 3.1 will create the underlying data model for you instantly, complete with tables, columns, and relationships!


We’ve also fine-tuned a few things in the UI, continued to enhance our data source handling, and added some other cool features like schema filtering (in case you don’t want CA Live API Creator to access all your database schema…something that’s been asked for by a few customers), the ability to export a data model, and platform support for Oracle WebLogic.


Bottom-line, CA Live API Creator 3.1 is a pretty cool update.  I invite you to go check out our website and poke around a bit.  But you really don’t have to take my word for it. Download a trial right now and see for yourself just how incredibly easy it is to install CA Live API Creator 3.1 and reimagine your APIs today.