Integration - More than Insert Tab A into Slot B

Blog Post created by oakbi01 Employee on Mar 5, 2018

When people talk about integration and API management, it's often centered around "how does this API management solution integrate into my existing infrastructure?"  And that is one heck of an important question, with an obvious answer - whether your infrastructure is on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of the two (often called "hybrid"), your solution MUST plug and play (and yes, ours does).


But there's another kind of integration - integrating disparate systems together to save time or money, or increase efficiencies.  Let me give you an example - one that actually impacts CA and its customers.  We have a pretty cool solution that is loved by many development teams around the world - CA Agile Central (formerly Rally).  It's an enterprise-class solution that is all about agile development practices.  It provides a hub for teams to collaborate, plan, prioritize, and track work on a synchronized cadence.


We have another pretty cool product, CA Flowdock.  This is a tool that provides a central location for team conversations, work, and tools.  It allows you to prioritize, collaborate, and organize across teams, locations, and time zones.  


It sounds like these two product should work seamlessly together.  And they do - but the integration basically brought over everything from CA Agile Central to CA Flowdock - there was no way to limit the stories to only the ones needed by teams collaborating - so a team that only worked on product defects (bugs) would still see every other story, making it a wee bit noisy.


But insert yet another pretty cool product into the mix - CA Live API Creator.  It provides the integration needed between the other two - a simple rule examined incoming message tables, passing the ones that are needed by Flowdock....and only those messages.


Here's a fantastic video describing the how CA Live API Creator provided the needed integration.


Over the coming months, we'll be sharing some stories about how CA customers are using CA Live API Creator to allow integration of data, processes, and systems across their companies.  Stay tuned....