Unknown CA WA Agents that knock at Managers (DE) door

Blog Post created by panni04 Employee on Sep 26, 2017

I've been asked about "Key not available" error messages that users see in their tracelogs.  Like these

[ERROR] DM.InputProcessor_674: [2017-09-15_12:26:26.070] Exception: Key not available for node SOME_AGENT. Key not available for node SOME_AGENT.

at <snip>


These are agents that have been installed but were not added to the CA Workload Automation DE (DE).   Or they were once part of DE Topology, and got removed.  Nevertheless, the Agent(s) is still up and running.  You don't want large number of Agents constantly bothering the managers

If you want to know more about these agents, like there hostname or IP, then you will need to enable additional logging in the DE side.  This is easily done from the Desktop client.  

Go to Admin -> Topology, then Right click on the server and select 'Configure Logging'



Then change these three settings from WARN or INFO to ALL

agent:afm (default WARN)

communications (default INFO)

dm:communications (default INFO)



The changes take effect immediately.  Collect the logs for about an hour, then revert back to your previous or default logging.  Get the IP addresses from tracelog and then connect to the host and shut them down if desired.


  If you use standard keys and ports, then you can add the Agents back to the Topology and then shut them down.  This will stop them from constantly pinging the DE manager.  Don't forget to remove them from the Topology after shutting the agents down.