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Customers! Aren’t you tired of us Engineers constantly for you to upload random files and logs to the ticket?


If only there was a quick and efficient way to upload necessary logs and files all at once……


But wait….THERE IS!!! It’s called the Support Diagnostic Tool!


The Support Diagnostic Tool provides a quick and easy method for Clients to provide system files and logs to CA. From 12.7 on, this tool is included with Service Desk. Once successfully ran, the tool creates a .CAZ extension file which you can then upload to the issue, and THAT’S IT! No more needing to provide files one by one to the engineer, as they need it. The tool provides everything the Engineer requires to solve your issue!


Here are the steps to successfully use the “Diag tool” :


1.       Navigate to your Service Desk Directory.

a.       This is usually on a SD server within Program Files\CA\Service Desk Manager

2.       Once there, access the diag\bin folder

3.       Run supp_diag.cmd which can be found within this folder.

4.       A command prompt will appear and ask you to accept the Support Tool End User License Agreement.

a.       Type “y” for yes and hit Enter.

5.       You will then be asked if you want to run MSINFO32 also.

a.       Enter “y” or “n” and hit Enter

6.       You will then see the tool start collecting data and place it into a .caz file. 

7.       Once this is completed, the command prompt will close

8.       Within the diag folder, a new folder called “rpt” will be created.

a.       Within that folder will be the newly created .CAZ file. Upload this to your issue and you’re all done!