It starts with your first step

Blog Post created by polmi05 Employee on Jun 12, 2015

Hello world.

New to this blogging idea from the writers desk. Looking forward to learning to improve what is written here as I learn to write what I hope are regular updates to this.


No topic is off the table and sometimes it might be Product related, other technical information or interests, or sometimes it might be whatever is on my mind.


Admittedly struggling to figure out a first proper blog post, but I figured since the only way to get somewhere is to take the first step, this will do the trick.


I've been enjoying using our new CA PM documentation Wiki for the soon to be released r2.5 release, instead of the traditional PDF and Bookshelf formats popular the last few years. It will be released in the coming weeks when the new r2.5 is released in its GA form. I think we'll discuss that technologies plus's and minus's in the next issue of...


Poller Express


Aka... Michael S. Poller