Finding CA Performance Management Knowledge Base Articles

Blog Post created by polmi05 Employee on Sep 17, 2015

Do you sometimes find it difficult to find Knowledge Base Articles for the CA Performance Management product?


Here are some useful tips I have found out as we make an effort to improve the content and its search-ability.


What product name do you use to search against? This can be interesting due to the existence of four major components to the primary product, and a few product name changes that have occurred. At this time you can find Knowledge Base articles for the CA Performance Management product under a few different possible names.


    • CA Performance Management
    • CA Performance Center
    • CA Performance Management Data Aggregator
    • CA Data Aggregator


Moving forward in time we'll be standardizing on using the name CA Performance Management as the primary product name for Knowledge Base Articles created about this product. As older articles are retired or updated they may be simply retired and recreated using the CA Performance Management name.


What if you want to browse existing Knowledge Base Articles without a specific error or problem in mind? Did you know that on the Product home pages are Knowledge Base Article sections that display the latest 5 articles? Did you also notice at the bottom of the section listing the latest 5 articles, is a View All link? Select it to display all articles related to the product.


What if you know the error or issue to search against, but aren't sure what product name it might be found against? Try this out...


First navigate to and log in to support.ca.com. On the main page select the Arrow in the text field for the Find It option after specifying search criteria in that field.




The next screen presented will show the Search Results. You can then further "Refine Your Results" via the section on the right. Scroll down and select from "Content Type" options the Knowledge Base Articles entry. That will provide the list of results from the requested search criteria, showing only Knowledge Base Articles that match.



I can't personally guarantee that all the answers will be found, but this may help find what does exist. We're working hard to improve the content. If you have suggestions for new content, or for changes to how it works, please do post questions, ideas, or even requests for specific Knowledge Base Articles via the CA Performance Management Community forum found under the CA Infrastructure Management Community.