Cross Skilling

Blog Post created by primi06 Employee on Jul 19, 2017

Driving software adoption is more critical now than ever.  The expansion of SaaS delivered platforms has removed the traditional road blocks to software removal from organisations and subscription licencing will make it easier still.



The services organisation role has changed.  Customers are asking CA to move away from traditional installation programs, into programs that focus on outcomes enabling them to gain commercial advantage.


The cross skill program is designed to help you all in building strength and depth in your expertise across the solutions that we present to clients. Building out your skills is key to ensuring that you have the capability to help clients use the solutions to drive innovation within their business.


For the practices I represent I will be asking your line managers to talk to you all about three things:


PAST:-         What skills have have you used in the past that relate to the current solutions CA delivers?

CURRENT:-   What are you doing today that helps drive adoption with the clients you interact with?

FUTURE:-    What areas of the CA Solution set would you like to move towards?


We will then work together to create a development program that is linked to both you and the software solutions that are driving sales.



This is a great opportunity for you all to have a voice in your future, I look forward to reviewing the results and feeding this into the cross training program.