Java Agent Virtualization step step manual

Blog Post created by rajesh.rajendran.1 on Jan 27, 2017

Hi Team

I am hereby publishing Java Agent based virtualization manual step by step instructions with this post. 

Problem Statement:

We know several applications uses DB for storing information. Since applications become more complex and down time of the database causes lots of challenges to its dependent applications. Due to this dependency, the faster time to market the product would be difficult.


Approach &Solution:

CA Devtest tool allows us to address these challenges by allowing the developers /testers to record the DB calls and it can be deployed as a virtualized service. The agent can be created with the help of Devtest jar files and it should be deployed it on application server (Tomcat/JBOSS). Initially agent will be in the recording mode and it can record all the DB interactions. Once all transactions are recorded, deploy it as a virtual service. This virtual service can be used for testing the application without the dependency of the real service.