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CA SDM: Determine Licenses Usage

Blog Post created by Rafael Cardoso on Oct 13, 2014

Average Analyst License Usage?


The procedure is:

  • In order to capture the license usage you will have to run the command pdm_logstat -f lic_mgr.c 1000
  • The generic license usage message will be

         09/29 07:15:04.89 sdservername license_nxd 10216 TRACE lic_mgr.c 470 License acquired for MfBAAA@web:local; 8 2USD    licenses in use

  • From the command prompt of the server navigate to the Servicedesk logs folder. You may the run below commands in sequence

        nxcd (Hit Enter)        cd log (Hit Enter)

  • From the same command prompt run the command

        type stdlog.* | find /i "2USD licenses in use" > license_usage.txt

  • Open the license_usage.txt in a TEXTPAD or NOTEPAD++. I would prefer TEXTPAD.
  • Use Block Select Mode feature to just copy the date and time from TOP to Bottom in the TEXTPAD. Open EXCEL and paste it in the first column.
  • Again use the BLOCK SELECT MODE feature in TEXTPAD to just select the number of licenses from TOP To Bottom in TEXTPAD. Copy them into the 2nd column of the EXCEL Sheet.
  • Now the EXCEL will have 2 columns (1) Date and Time (2) Number of Licenses
  • Sort the 2nd column from Highest to Lowest.
  • This will give you the count of licenses in order highest to lowest with the date and time.


(Average Analyst License Usage?)