WPA2 vulnerability

Blog Post created by rosme02 Employee on Oct 16, 2017

WPA2 vulnerability


With the news that WPA2 has a significant vulnerability, it leads me to wonder how many other security protocols, practices and processes we use regularly, and trust with our most personal and confidential information, may also be flawed, and even worse, are already being taken advantage of.  


And how does one protect against this, particularly in the world of ubiquitous wifi.  Do I now completely remove my wifi presence?  Do I simply disable wifi on my phone, laptop, and ipad, and only use them on wifi I know is patched?  Even if I update my devices, how can I be sure that any other wifi I connect to is patched and safe?  How will that impact my ability to work at customer sites?  Must I now always use my own wireless access point that I can be sure is secured?   And is that really secure?  The NSA and other government agencies can monitor cell phone transmissions, which means a hacker can as well if they want to make the effort.   Should I only use hardwired connections from here on in? Can I ever be comfortable that something is really "secure" again?  


Having a security background allows us to understand the risks we take and how we can be more secure, but we still rely on a trust that security protocols are just that, secure.  For the layman, they don't have this luxury.  They either continue to use wifi and other wireless technologies with the risk it entails, or cut themselves off completely.