Sascha Preibisch

Tip of the week: increase number of valid login attempts

Blog Post created by Sascha Preibisch Employee on Mar 30, 2017

Hi everybody!

This weeks tip is meant to make the life in a development environment easier. If you are in an environment where multiple developers have their own instance of a CA API Gateway but also share it with others, this tip is for you.


Here is the tip: increase the number of login attempts

You may have discovered that different developers use similar usernames when logging in to Policy Manager. For example, you may use 'admin' or 'administrator' with a simple password such as 'password' on your own CA API Gateway. Other developers may use 'admin' but with a password such as 'Password' on their CA API Gateway.


If you now ask one of the others to connect to your CA API Gateway they may attempt to login via 'admin/Password' by mistake. Unfortunately, after three failing attempts your 'admin' account will be blocked since your 'admin' password is 'password'.


In order to help you from this annoying situation you can configure a cluster-wide property that allows you to configure the number of failing login attempts before the account gets blocked. Another cluster-wide property lets you configure the blocked duration.


In Policy Manager open Tasks - Global Settings - Manage Cluster-Wide Properties and configure these variables:

  • logon.maxAllowedableAttempts: the number of failing login attempts before the account get blocked
  • logon.lockoutTime: the duration in seconds before another login attempt can be taken


Use those variables with care in a production environment but make use of them in a dev environment if possible.


I hope this helps!