How to execute a process on click of Customized HTML Button

Blog Post created by SHUBHAM BHATIA on Mar 12, 2018

Most of us wants to customize the CA PPM page in such a way that we can introduce new buttons or links and on Click of it either a process executes or call a XOG. As there is no such Out of the Box feature provided in CA PPM. However, this can be achievable by customization using the JavaScript’s.


Step 1: Create a dynamic lookup with the below query:






                1 Html_id,

                cast('<iframe src'+'= "../niku/custom/executeProcess.html" width="180" height="40" scrolling="no""'+' />' as Varchar(200)) stage

                FROM dual



Step 2: Attached HTML file (executeProcess.html) which should be placed on the application server at          {$niku_root_dir} \Webroot\custom


Step 3: Create attribute on the object and:


1. Associate it with the created lookup

2. It should be Read-only and default value should be selected

3. Display type should be Pull Down



Step 4: Place the created attribute in the edit view of the object. It will look like the below screenshot:


On Click of this button the process executes:

We can also create some fancy buttons like below:


Please note this solution is not CA supported and first try this on development environment. Similarly, you can create the write XOG script and update any attribute of the object.