HQ222137: Unable to Announce Backup

Blog Post created by sinam09 Employee on Mar 28, 2018

HornetQ backup sever is unable to announce backup when the jgroups-channel it is trying to announce the backup on is unavailable. This may happen due to the channel not present because the primary server on the same channel is not running, or due to misconfiguration where the jgroups-channel is not at all configured to be broadcasted in the hornetq-cluster.

To remedy a misconfiguration, ensure the advertised jgroups-channel is configured to be broadcasted by another live server.


STEP1: Inspect the hornetq-server configuration as follows:


LIVE hornetq-server configuration snippet:?


- Look for <hornetq-server> [its the default/live server if no explicit name is given]

- Look for "jgroups-channel" under "broadcast-groups"


<broadcast-group name="bg-group2">



BACKUP hornetq-server configuration snippet:


- Locate the jgroups-channel for the BACKUP hornetq-server


<broadcast-group name="bg-group1">


STEP 2: Extract this information from all nodes in the cluster

STEP 3: Ensure the jgroups-channel listed in the BACKUP hornetq-server section, are indeed jgroups-channels that are being broadcasted by some LIVE hornetq-server in the cluster. In the example above, the backup hornetq-server is broadcasting on jgroups-channel that is from node5 of the cluster.


When the referenced jgroups-channel for the BACKUP is not already a channel for a LIVE hornetq-server, this error message of unable to announce backup message will get generated.