CA SYSVIEW for Db2 is Restful Now!

Blog Post created by solay01 Employee on Feb 13, 2019

We would like to announce that Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface (REST API) is available for CA SYSVIEW for Db2 


Let me start with a general introduction. Basically Rest API is another communication method. We can say it is a simpler alternative to SOAP. Rest API focuses on your system services and resources and how these resources are addressed and transferred.  

Communication is done over HTTP and it is possible to perform all kinds of CRUD  (Create Read Update Delete) operations. REST API stands between your resources and your application, as a directory for all your resources and services. 



How Can CA SYSVIEW for DB2 User get benefit from this Feature? 


Now you can develop or use applications outside of Mainframe and access CA SYSVIEW for DB2 data. 

For example you can develop your own dashboard according to your needs. You can pull data from different resources and use this data in your web service. 



Integrity with API Mediation Layer


You can integrate CA SYSVIEW for Db2 REST API service with the CA Brightside API Mediation Layer. This integration makes your service details such as availability status and API documentation available through the API Catalog, enables you to run multiple service instances to ensure high-availability, and lets you change the service IP location without affecting the REST API client communication. 

Once API Mediation Layer is installed, you can see in API Catalog  which functions are supported by CA SYSVIEW for DB2.  

In the graphic below, it is seen the initial list of supported functions. This list will be updated and enhanced. For most up to date list please refer product document pages.

Required PTF's

PTFs SO06977 and SO06978 were released