Consultative Value Selling

Blog Post created by stajo20 Employee on Jan 28, 2018

The value of the IT Services and Solution have changed in the last decades dramatically. Starting from a technical assed delving a single technical function to speed up single tasks many customers now differentiate between legacy IT which delivers a standard core functionality and business critical IT.


The leading IT Software Companies delivery very similar functionality, so that customers can choose a vendor by two criteria price and value. In most RFP's customers have already completed their research and defined their deserved partner, so that only offering a lower price is in most cases not a successor to change the customer opinion.


A very similar situation is given, when the customer is escalation a certain situation. Naming a product or solution as the reason for a situation. Offering Services or Products for a lower price will not be the successor.


What really changes the game is Consultative Value Selling. Customers are interested how they can optimize and grow their business. In many cases they are not aware, what they can achieve by doing things differently, may changing the approach they have requested as RFP or Service.


What is the key to offer these kind of values? Active listening, asking why and why now? Understanding the  customer situation allow to shift left offering solutions instead of trying to influence an already done game. 


Health checks, reviews, audits and escalations are situations which are seen as critical and being defensive, instead of using it as an opportunity to ask why. ... why are you running a process in this way? ... why have you integrated using this method? ... why did you have so many roles? ... why did you grant so many rights to a certain group? ...


The fault in many situations is to find a technical solution, before you understand the business pain. In many cases, when you abstract the problems and request and map it to the business goals, you will find a huge white space without answers. Here starts the Consultative Value Selling. 


Ask yourself, what can be done in a better way to achieve the business goals, what needs to change and what are values to to offer making the difference and make you become a trusted adviser. Then you do Consultative Value Selling and become a game changer.