What is the value of an CA APM Operational Enablement Assessment?

Blog Post created by tedlo02 Employee on Dec 13, 2017

An APM Operational Enablement (OE) assessment provides a checkup for your enterprise monitoring practice.  Sometimes as executives we get caught up in the daily operations of the business and lose touch with the bigger picture or overall health of the operation.  All monitoring practices can benefit from an APM OE assessment.  Many times, a CA APM Expert is engaged in to complete one to get an objective viewpoint. 

The goal is to have an objective viewpoint of the processes, skills, and risks of your APM monitoring practice.  For you to be intentional and deliberate about your developing or refining your practice, you need to have honest information that can be compared to industry lead practice.

Most APM operational assessments includes the following basic parts:

  • General description of the practice
    • Services provided
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Backlogs
  • Statistics regarding services such as procedures performed, clients served, etc.
  • Architecture (equipment and software)
  • Human Resources
    • Staffing and skill levels
  • Financial
    • Budget
  • Practice Strategic Plan
  • Staff Interviews
    • Leadership
    • User community
    • Monitoring SMEs
    • Business owners
    • Support personnel

If a CA APM Expert is used, interviews will be conducted with the key organizational staff. The philosophy of the Expert will determine if interviews are started from the top to the bottom or vice versa.  The purpose of the interviews is to determine if the practice leadership is ‘in touch’ with the service satisfaction levels in the existing practice offering.  If the service message is not consistent from the organization, it will be revealed within the interviews.  If the staff feels informed and satisfied with the service quality, there won’t be a disconnection. It is also important to solicit feedback from your   Business Stakeholders as they are your “voice of the customer”. It is necessary to listen to their comments, feedback, and observations.

It is important to determine the status of your practice in an objective way.  Until you can see things objectively, honestly, and with full transparency, it is difficult to have intentional and deliberate evolution and maturity within the practice organization.  OE Assessments are only as useful as the information reviewed, processed, and acted upon. In other words, an operational assessment is only as good as the leader willing to receive objective feedback.