Some MYTH around AGILE principles

Blog Post created by tigma01 Employee on Jan 17, 2018

Myth #1. Agile = Scrum

Agile = Umbrella term for approaches like Scrum that share a common set of principles. Today Agile enables organizations to master continuous change.

Scrum = Framework for developing & managing work. Scrum is a subset of Agile. It is a lightweight process framework and the most widely-used one. 

Myth #2. Agile means “We don’t have a plan”

No lengthy, up-front planning process in Agile approaches, but drividing your planning into smaller chunks and committing to reviewing your plans on a regular basis

Myth #3. Agile Doesn’t Need Project Managers

Agile management needs project managers (PM), but it won’t be your job to tell people what to do or when to do it (self-managing teams + scrum master !) => The PM deals with budget, contractual topics, manages external stakeholders, etc. ….

Myth #4. Agile doesn’t believe in documentation

Wrong. There are minimum viable information that needs to be captured, with whom it needs to be shared, how to document it in a collaborative way..etc.

Myth #5. Agile Only Works for Developers/Software

Non-software companies - now finding themselves driven by software - are using agile approaches to improve their delivery, customer experience and innovation.


More myth about agile or comments welcome ....