What Value Do I Bring?

Blog Post created by tuvwe01 Employee on Dec 13, 2017

I have taken on PMP exam prep. The irony is I take it when I get more "experienced" and "wiser" .  There seemed little value the certification would add to my day to day work and my career growth. I was wrong. The framework, guidance, and the knowledge areas provide me a great deal of values. As I studied, I was like "oh, this would work if everyone who works with me, and my key stakeholders think the same way, and sing the same song!".


I picked up a particular prep book and read really carefully, eventually I am "brain washed". I reflect on my real life project management practices,and am not surprised because PMIsm uses common sense, PMI is logical and I do apply some methodologies, in a non-linear way, for not being in the perfect PMIsm world. What value do I bring to the client facing project?  I have to be honest - the least part I like is to justify billable and non-billable hours, but we are in this business, therefore it is important to have it in my mind "what value I bring to you" when I engage with a customer.


I find PMP "Integration Management" knowledge area particularly relevant in CA Services world. PM is an integrator. We need to have this mindset when we make the proposition to customers, when we estimate PM effort. And the project manager effort is not usually properly funded it could fall apart easily and it can be very costly. The good news is regardless the funding, and importance of the role in the company culture Services PMs, good ones strive for the excellence, proactively anchor the moving parts, passionately defend and protect the project(s) and reputation. Still the project management effort must be properly funded.


As an integrator PM needs to have integrity, open and passion to start with.


As an integrator PM the advantage to be on the top of the product features, issues, and upcoming new features is huge.


As an integrator PM needs to know the client culture, organizational specifics, challenges and be able to push the button effectively.


As an integrator PM is a liaison/glue to ensure Support cases and issues are addressed strategically and timely, advocate for the customer while balancing and aligning with CA product organizational strategy. Communicate effectively.


As an integrator PM is a trusted partner with customers as well as the cross functions: Product, Account/Sales, Support and Engineering


As an integrator if the solution works for the SOW at hand but does not benefit in the long term. Call it out, get the experts opinion, provide the options with pros and cons.  


There are more... 


Year 2018 is around the corner, I wish to have more time to learn more, reflect, and improve within me. My same wishes to colleagues I care and who care about me. improvement projectmanagementacademy projectmanagement