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It is the first working day of 2018. I wish you all a very productive, peaceful and prosperous new year ahead.


At the end of last year I met with two of my favorite peeps from CA pre-sales, John (Zebrowski, John R <John.Zebrowski@ca.com>) and Rob (Forbes, R R <R.Forbes@ca.com>) who happened to be in the town. They showed up whenever I needed them during the client engagement activities. They are my trusted go to persons. What resonates is their abilities to tell stories while presenting CA security solutions to a customer. It should not be my aha moment, but I thought it would be noteworthy. 


The magic of successful client engagement has three basic ingredients:

1. "Show and Tell" like John and Rob do. They understand the customer's high level needs, they know what exactly to show and tell them. Their broad technology knowledge in the security space, and incredible professionalism represent CA Technologies security trusted brand. They are very honest and up front with the customer,  what work, what need the enhancement. They have great stories to tell via their conversation, demonstration and every POC.


2. Make it work - devil in details. I loved Rob during Visa PAM sales handover. He gave us as much details as needed to engage with the customer. Even the particular stake holders to watch out/take care of. "Make it work" ingredient is the soul of the event, which is also harder part because there are the gaps to be closed including the product limitations; defects repair/configuration changes. It is critical to employ the hands on architect and consultant who enjoy solving the problems and spearheading the challenges. I am super lucky to team up with Shinu (Vayyattu Kavil, Shinu <Shinu.VayyattuKavil@ca.com>) and Mihajlo (Mirkovic, Mihajlo <Mihajlo.Mirkovic@ca.com>).


3. "Go Back". "Go back" means we need to go back to the product, and Rob who aids us to influence to the customer when the needs are pressing, beyond the current engagement. This is a mini integrated approach to help the customer to use CA security products rationally, realistically and smartly.


There is one more important secrete ingredient I shall not forget to mention from CA PAM perspective: to utilize CA Support and SE effectively. How?  I notice unless the customer pays a Customer Success personnel, there is not a consolidated list of issues and a dedicated personnel to oversee the support cases, Services PM will need to partner with the customer, Support and some cases sales to manage that. PM is responsible for escalating the issues and providing the accurate business impact to CES Escalation Director. The person who can strike the stronger note will be the customer's advocacy, in Visa case Connie (Glaspie, Connie M <Connie.Glaspie@ca.com>) my favorite no non-sense executive. 


We all know there are more elements in the successful engagement. I think you agree with me: good stories. discipline honesty, trustworthiness, expertise, sincerity and diligence always prevail.


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