Atlassian Hipchat room notification

Blog Post created by vanbe05 Employee on Feb 3, 2017

For a project, I was recently asked to notify a group of users automatically whenever a release candidate deployment finished successfully. And even more important, notify a group of administrators when a deployment went wrong in any of the production like environments.


Rather then setting up cumbersome email notifications, we choose to use the communication platform which that organization has in use (Atlassian HipChat). In less then 15 minutes we could create a new action pack using the CA Release Automation RDK to automate the room notification from within a CA Release Automation deployment process.


The action pack can be downloaded from here (Atlassian HipChat actionpack).  



The action uses the HipChat v2 API. The dropdown box contains the list of colours as supported by HipChat. The message is field is of course fully configurable. The API key is the unique key specific for the HipChat room where want to post the message.