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This is in reference to the Platform compatibility issue of CA Virtual machine software with Huawei Fusion sphere virtual platform.  We opened a case with CA Support Case  01127085 -CA PAM Compatiblity , CA suggested to open a blog in

CA Community as a idea.

Client is having Huawei Fusion Sphere Virtual environment and we need to deploy CA Identity Suite and CA PAM Solution as in VA.

We have got .ova files for both Identity Suite and PAM files but it seems like a compatibility issue while running/importing these files on Huawei Fusion Sphere. This issue was also reported earlier with CA and Huawei as well, we are not able to run/import these .ova files in Fusion sphere which also has a option to import .ova, .ovf and .iso files.


CA given .ova files when we try to run them on VMWare ESxi platform it runs perfectly fine but not on Huawei Fusion Sphere.


Please find below workouts & observations so far.

  1. From Huawei Side we tried to convert .ova to .ovf format but that also doesn’t worked.
  2. From Huawei they also tried many of their tools/applications to make software file compatible but no success.
  3. Huawei has a software to migrate VMware machine directly to Huawei Fusion Sphere platform with the help of a tool but it needs to have “root” access & “password “of the software to be migrated.
  4. We Asked CA guys to give us the Root password for CA identity Suite and CA PAM but they denied to give Root account password which is  a showstopper.
  5. In order to migrate an application it requires “root” credentials to do so, which is the only solution we see as per Huawei also to have Root Credentials of both Applications  (identity suit & PAM).
  6. The Only work around here is CA Providing the “root” password so that Huawei Can migrate it from Esxi to Fusion Sphere or if CA can’t provide Root password than in that case CA should provide us the Software (.ova or .ovf) files compatible with Huawei.
  7. Huawei Suggested either CA provides the “root” password or CA should run these Software on Fusion Sphere in their own lab and provide us that virtual machine after Exporting it from there. For which Huawei is ready to provide there Fusion Sphere software to CA.
  8. CA technical and R&D team can have Fusion sphere software which Huawei is ready to provide , run it in there own lab and finally provide us that exported VA software which is the only workaround solution we see here.


CA Team kindly revert for any alternate solution other than this.



Vivek Kumar


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