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Blog Post created by wauch01 Employee on May 24, 2018

Hello Everyone, 


Just wanted to start out by saying few things, an introduction if you will. I am a Services Consultant for API Management, and have been working for CA for just over 3 years at the time of posting. Doing implementation in the field a tip & trick can save time and effort, and may not be well documented. So that is what I hope to accomplish here. 


Most of the time I am working with the API Gateway but do have experience in API Portal, Mobile API Gateway, OAuth and Live API Creator.


To start things out the first thing that I have found out recently is removing certain log entires that are not entirely helpful and just create clutter. Each log entry has a class as highlighted in the screenshot below:

that class can be copied and added to the log.levels cluster property and set it equal to the level SEVERE. Below is an example of the cluster property.

Note: Not all log classes can be removed using this method.