Who chases the chase?

Blog Post created by webmaster_jim_ on Nov 20, 2014

We now have AutoSys (sorry, Workload Automation AE) 11.3.6 in one system, and 11.3.6 Incremental 1 in another.  I noticed CHASE is running long, so I dug back at the run history.  We have it set to execute once per hour, and sure enough, 11.3 was good, 11.3.6 is bad, and 11.3.6 INC1 is good again.






Since it's close to "year-end", not to mention we have had some bad side effects appear from INC1, we can't put this into the other system until early next year.


So far, there don't seem to be ill effects of the long-running chase (I didn't even notice it until today).  Let's hope that continues.


Any other incremental surprises out there?