Favorite apps, these are.

Blog Post created by webmaster_jim_ on Feb 4, 2015

Chris_Stallone asked me: "Apps/software/tools you can't live without?" No way to answer that briefly, so here it is, in blog fashion. For a bit of brevity, I'm listing the top 3 in each category, not the 5 or 10 I'd be tempted to reveal.


As I worked for a company that makes power tools, as well as a company that makes hand tools, the tools I can't live without, are:



  1. Clearly, the hammer is number one.
  2. Second, the tape measure.  Cut once, measure, oops, too late.
  3. Third place is tough.  Level comes to mind, though not every project needs it.  A Swiss Army knife or carpenter's pencil are kinda up there too.




  1. The drill. (1)(A) would be the drill press, under some circumstances.
  2. The circular/table saw.  Cheating here, since I have more than one circular saw, and wish I had another table saw.
  3. The router.




  1. NetBSD


UNIX Command Line tools


  To measure this scientifically, I ran this command on my command line history:



$ history | awk '{print $2}' | sort  | uniq -c | sort -nr | head


  Throwing out the common verbs, as it were, the remains are:


  1. autorep
  2. less
  3. gzip


  In Cygwin, this comes out almost the same:


  1. less (or GNU less)
  2. file (or via FTP)
  3. pdftk.exe


All of the above are free, excepting autorep.


X Windows Tools


  We still miss JobScape, but meantime dev life moves on.



  1. xterm.  It's lowly, but it still cooks.
  2. VLC
  3. xpaint



Android TOOLS





  1. Dolphin browser
  2. Twitter
  3. Camera / Panoramio / Google Earth





Windows TOOLS




  1. Cygwin (count this as a zero option)
  2. Firefox/Thunderbird
  3. OpenOffice
  4. Audacity
  5. VLC
  6. emacs
  7. Camtasia ($)


All free, except Camtasia.



Photo Feb 03, 5 46 03 PM.jpg



  1. Twitter
  2. Kindle
  3. Dropbox


Also all free. Not counting buying electronic books, which I have never. yet.