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Blog Post created by webmaster_jim_ on Feb 4, 2015

Name one word that describes your work style

("One word that describes how you work").





karin_tillotson @karin_tillotson    18h18 hours ago

@jspath55 besides "hammer" ;-) , I would say "thorough"

Tammy Powlas @tpowlas    18h18 hours ago

@karin_tillotson @jspath55 what happened to your friendly "curmudgeon" ?

Tammy Powlas @tpowlas    18h18 hours ago

@karin_tillotson @jspath55 I'd say "meticulous" - I can count on Jim to nicely edit my wiki pages

karin_tillotson @karin_tillotson    18h18 hours ago

@jspath55 @tpowlas ok then "thoroughly" jijiji

Tammy Powlas @tpowlas    18h18 hours ago

@karin_tillotson @jspath55 with his scout work, Jim is "adventurously"

Graham Robinson @grahamrobbo    17h17 hours ago

@jspath55 @tpowlas @karin_tillotson "safely"?

karin_tillotson @karin_tillotson    17h17 hours ago

@grahamrobbo @jspath55 @tpowlas how about conscientiously

Tammy Powlas @tpowlas    17h17 hours ago

@karin_tillotson @grahamrobbo @jspath55 w/ work, and his ABAP detective series, how about exactingly

Ed Hammerbeck, PMP @edhammerbeck    16h16 hours ago

@jspath55 usually

Tammy Powlas @tpowlas    16h16 hours ago

@skeohan @jspath55 @karin_tillotson @grahamrobbo honorably virtuously creditably

Graham Robinson @grahamrobbo    16h16 hours ago

@jspath55 @tpowlas @karin_tillotson competently

Greg Myers @gpmyers    16h16 hours ago

@jspath55 Fastidiously

Jamie Oswald @oswaldxxl    16h16 hours ago

@jspath55 collaboratively? Crowd-sourcedly? Tall?

Richard Gillespie Passionately

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Richard Gillespie Instigational (not sure that is a word...)

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Jocelyn @jocdart    3h3 hours ago

@tpowlas @karin_tillotson @grahamrobbo @jspath55 or "deductively"

Graham Robinson @grahamrobbo    3m3 minutes ago

@skeohan @karin_tillotson “disruptive” - pass that adverb onto @jspath55

Jocelyn @jocdart    2m2 minutes ago  

@jspath55 @tpowlas @karin_tillotson @grahamrobbo @skeohan @oswaldxxl @gpmyers @edhammerbeck or "forensically" ? Just to narrow it down a bit