Upgrade of EMC Isilon OneFS to version and lessons being learned

Blog Post created by webmaster_jim_ on Feb 24, 2015

After a storage array patch, we had unexpected behavior of AutoSys components as well as other software. With the current AutoSys agents being 32 bit fish in a 64 bit ocean, trip ups occur sometimes, like not being able to write an error log file over 2 GB in size on AIX.




First issue was with the ancient but still supported auto_r3 SAP adapter. Died trying to read configurations.


Second was failure of AutoSys 11.3.ish agents to start on AIX 5.3.


Third was odd results in running a command job. Directory on NFS share on the command line resulted in "<Error changing directory /home/me>"


The common factors seen are:


calls to getdirent returning an overflow error ( Err#127 EOVERFLOW )
directory searches returning no entries when it should
job exit code 4013
inability to find a home directory


More details as they occur. We're early days.