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If you are like almost every mainframer I know, you are busier than ever. New initiatives like Cloud-, Mobile- and API management, combined with worries about the next audit or upgrade are keeping you busy.

Very busy.. When was the last time you had a proper conversation with peers from outside your organization about mainframe related issues, solutions, ideas, hints and tips? You will agree that Mainframe forums, Communities and other means of communicating with peers is nice, but nothing beats an actual handshake or seeing a real person demo a new or enhanced mainframe solution.


So maybe this is the year where you should seriously consider to come to CA World. You will be able to visit some of the many mainframe specific sessions about Security, Operations management, (Cloud) Storage, DB2/IMS management, output management and much more (see session catalog for more details) where both peers as well as experts from CA Technologies will inform you about the latest & greatest. But you will also have the possibility to speak to the people who are responsible for the products that you rely on to do the job, day in, day out.


But it doesn't stop there; Big Data, Performance Management, Workload Automation, creating Restful API's with Gen/Plex/2E as well as products that will help your organization to implement a true DevOps environment are all topics that could help you to become a better mainframer.... So if you are serious about your mainframe and the solutions you use daily, visit The CA Technologies CA World pages and check out the agenda. If you have attended CA World before, you already know you will not be disappointed and if you have never visited us before, maybe it's time you do.. I hope to see you there!!

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