The top 5 KBs for APM 10.0 I would like to recommend.

Blog Post created by zhoyi03 Employee on Sep 25, 2015

I'm very pleased to work with the customers who are willing to seek resolution around proactively and asking for latest KBs of APM 10.0.

Here is the top 5 KBs for APM 10.0 I'd like to recommend. Enjoy! :-)


- In APM 10.0 after login to the WebView UI how can I immediately see the WebView Home page instead of the new APM Team Center page.


- After upgrading to APM 10, logging to Webview forwards the request to Team-Center view. How to disable this redirection?




- Where is the MD5Encoder utility in APM 10.x?



- In APM 10.0 using EEM authentication/authorization when login to Team Center as the "admin" user it is not possible to to add Custom attributes or Attribute nodes.



* Login to CA Application Performance Management - CA Technologies, and search then more KBs for your reference.