Is anyone using CA Common Services and the CA Service Desk Integration to cut tickets from the Mainframe to CA Service Desk?

Poll created by Jennifer_Pronko Employee on Jun 16, 2014

Are you using the CA Common Services (CCS) feature for the CA Service Desk (CAISDI) Integration?


CAISDI is a support services component that provides a set of services that opens CA Service Desk requests from the z/OS environment. The requests can be opened directly by CA products or they can be opened on their behalf, depending on the requirements of each specific product using the interface.


In short, this means that you are cutting tickets/requests on your mainframe to be reviewed and acted upon in your CA Service Desk application.

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  • Yes, I am successfully using CAISDI
  • No, I don't use the CAISDI feature
  • ? Don't know. Please post more info in the CCS Content Area.
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