User Feedback: CA PPM English Documentation and Translated Sites

Poll created by CA-TECH-INFO-DAMON Employee on Oct 3, 2017

This poll is open to all users to gauge feedback about the current documentation localization strategy. The full documentation is not translated to the 7 target languages; only a partial subset is translated. When a translated page refers the reader to an English-only page, a link might break.


For example, you are in the French documentation and the page refers to the CA PPM Studio Development Guide. In English, the link works; however, there is no French Studio guide. Some users might see a text reference to Studio. They can switch to English and search for the best matching Studio doc page. 


  • If we translated only full sets, the links would work.
  • Currently, we remove the links for translation (text references only) and re-insert them for updated English documentation later (a couple months after GA).
  • If we only provided one official doc set, updated monthly in English only, the links would also work.


Your vote will help us understand your preferences and expectations.

1 total vote
  • I prefer the entire doc set translated, even if that means reducing the number of languages from 7 (DE, IT, BR, FR, ES, JA, and CN) down to just 3 (ES, BR, DE). This will allow us to provide working links between all pages.
  • Keep up the current arrangement translating a partial doc set into 7 languages (DE, IT, BR, FR, ES, JA, and CN). I understand links will sometimes break from a translated page to a destination page that is not translated in the partial doc set. (Users can switch to full English doc set to continue reading.) (top voted)
  • Just provide English only. Even our international users prefer to read standard project management industry terms in English. We can also use online real-time translation tools if we need to translate a few small sections.