How do you handle promotion of AE batches from DEV to TEST & PROD?

Poll created by Michael_Lowry on Aug 29, 2017
Most companies do not put changes to batches of scheduling object directly into production, but instead follow a standardized process for promoting batches:
  • First, batches of AE scheduling objects (jobs, workflows, schedules, etc.) are developed in a dedicated development environment (DEV).
  • Next, batches are promoted to a separate environment just for testing (TEST).
  • Finally, once testing has been completed, batches are promoted to the production environment (PROD).
The Automation Engine provides two main ways of moving objects between AE systems: the transport case and XML export/import.

How do you handle batch promotion in your environment?

In the comments, please also answer any of these questions that may be applicable:
  1. Are application/project teams responsible their own batches, or are AE batches developed/promoted by a dedicated team?
  2. Are batch promotions performed manually, or using an automated system?
    • If you use an automated system, did you develop it yourself, or buy an Automic/third-party tool?
  3. What is the average number of batches & objects deployed per day?
  4. Are there any important lessons you have learned when devising your current approach?
  5. Do you have plans to significantly change your approach in the near future?
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  • Transport case
  • XML
  • A mix of both (explain in comments)
  • Neither (explain in comments)