What you would want to name the new Spectrum swing UI?

Poll created by Nagesh_Jaiswal Employee on Dec 5, 2018

Dear Spectrum Community Members, 


Thank you for attending the [WEBCAST] Introduction to Swing UI - December 04 , 2018 @10 a.m. ET  


If you have missed the Webcast then you can go through the recording Recording: CA Spectrum Community Webcast: Introduction to Swing UI 


We hope you found the webcast helpful and got all your queries answered. Please do react out to us if you have any further queries. 


As mentioned during the webcast we would like you guys to vote for the name of this new UI. Please respond to the poll. If you have additional suggestions then request you to add comments to the poll. 




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  • OneClick WebApp
  • OneClick Lite or OC Lite
  • Spectrum Web UI
  • Spectrum WebView
  • Spectrum ThinClient