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  • Information Centric Security products end of sale announcement

    After analyzing customer feedback and the deployment status of our products, we have decided to end the sale of our Information Centric Security products and move them into sustaining mode beginning on April 6, 2020:

    • Symantec Information Centric Encryption (ICE) Service & Key Store Virtual Appliance
    • Symantec Information Centric Tagging (ICT) Software
    • Symantec Information Centric Security Module (ICSM)
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  • I am trying to install DLP and ICE agent/utility. The installation went well but the response rule when uploading into https browser did not get blocked. the incident captured but it seems that the DLP agent didn't call the ICE utility to perform the ...

  • Hi Fawaz, did you get any guide regarding integrating ADFS with Symantec ICE console? Regards, Mostafa Salama

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