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  • The Next Endpoint Management Virtual User Group

    Come join us at the Endpoint Management Virtual User Group on October 19, 2021. There will be two sessions that day so please pick the session that works for your time zone!

    EMEA Endpoint Management User Group - 14:00 British Summer Time

    AMS Endpoint Management User Group - 10:00 am Pacific | 1:00 pm Eastern

    Register today and find out what’s new and coming up for ITMS and Ghose Solution Suite as well as some best practices. Be sure to join us!

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  • HI  You can try to use a VMM solutio n from ITMS to discover and inventory required hosts Best regards, IP. ------------------------------ [JobTitle] [CompanyName] [State] ------------------------------

  • Hello everyone.  We have long been seeking a way to do a very basic inventory of ESXi hosts.  We've discussed doing network scans, but we have been told by various consultants to NOT do a network scan since we are doing AD imports and that data could ...

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  • Good afternoon, colleagues! Tell me, please, how you can resolve the error of getting an empty resource guid. The server log file contains the following error: <event date = "12/23/2021 14: 29: 33.2135549 +03: 00" severity = "2" hostName = "<hostName>" ...

  • Hello everyone.  I am seeing revoked certificates in my CEM Internet Gateway Manager.  I looked at the CRL and searched the database for matching serial numbers of a few that are in the CRL but could not find any trace.  I suppose I may be looking in ...