Copying schema records into non-database programs

Discussion created by ChuckHardee on Jan 14, 2013
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Are we alone in this?

We have several programs that copy IDD defined records into non-IDMS programs.
A number of these records are actually mirror images of database records, basically, OBTAIN record and move it to the output buffer and WRITE it..
The file created is then passed to another program, again, non-database, which does something, what is irrelevant.

The problem is, in order to support this we have to either define the schema record anew, or use share strucutre and give a new alias to the record.
On the surface that's okay, but bottom line is, you can lose some visibility of what program is using what view of a database record.

Wouldn't it be advantageous to copy the schema vversion of the record into the non-IDMS program?
Well, you can't.

Define record x in IDD.
Go into a schema and define a database record and share the strucutre of record x.
At that point, record x is marked as no longer IDD owned.
Now try to copy record x without stating a subschema and schema in your program.

IDMSDMLC will tell you the record is not defined.

If someone has made this work WITHOUT defining a record synonym, PLEASE! tell me how you did it.