CA Clarity Integration to ITAM 12.6

Discussion created by dinva02 Employee on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by Chris_Hackett

I'm trying to integrate asset information from CA ITAM 12.6 to Clarity 13.1 via GEL scripts. I'm encoutering some problems with simply logging onto ITAM itself so perhaps someone can answer a few question in this regard:

[*]Does the CA Connector to Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management work with ITAM 12.6? Documentation only refers to release 11.
[*]Which web service should I be using? There are the two web services that are defined in the WSDL which is downladable from within ITAM itself but there is also the URL referenced as http://itamserver/ITAMService/Services.asmx
[*]I noticed that for the XML message when specifying the query details, you need to use an advanced search defined in ITAM in order for get the right XML formatting. Can anyone shed any light into how this works briefly and if there is any documentation I can read up on this structure or how to create these advanced searches?

Any help would be appreciated.