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Clarity v12 and Siteminder single-sign-on, how to setup?

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Jan 16, 2013
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My organization started an initiative to install Siteminder Single Sign On across the enterprise.They came to me to try the setup in Clarity in our test environment.

I have never done this. I went to the Dev Admin Console and I see under System there is a checkbox for Login through AD. I unchecked it and recycled the app server processes to see what happens but I see no difference.

The way I understand what they want to install is as follows:
[*]Install a Siteminder agent in our IIS web server through a plug-in
[*]User logs in to Siteminder, which goes to an authentication server which validates with Active Directory
[*]If user is accepted, it then gets transferred to Clarity's app server and is in
This is the way it was explained to me. I do not yet clearly understand how to get Clarity to not ask for authentication as we do know (Active Directory), what kind of token it gets to let people in with a password from somewhere else. I guess, if I learn how to turn off our authentication (Clarity) then anybody can come in, but as they are already in the LAN Clarity gets their credentials.

Assuming all of this works, not all users in the LAN are users in Clarity as we only use it for IT people. How do I reject people that will be coming through Single Sign On but do not have an account in Clarity?

I would like some comments from people familiar with the subject before I meet again with the team that wants to implement this.