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Release planning how-to and practical application?

Question asked by BradGibson on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by MiroS

Has anyone used the release planning features of Clarity?
If so, could you walk me through a use case (or two) of how you use it?

I have a need to begin tracking software releases across our auto auctions and sales regions, and it seems like this part of Clarity is how I would do that... but I cannot for the life of me figure how what the designers had in mind with the features provided.
I must just be missing something.. hoping someone out there has used it and can help?

My idea is that I can have a release that includes projects that are launching... and the project can be associated with one or more auctions it will impact on particular dates...
Each auction will be assigned a region so we could do something like a heat map that tells us that in Feb 2013, these areas are seeing this level of rollout activity... is that possible? How would it be done?

How do you use it?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!

Brad Gibson
Atlanta, GA