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Clarity V 13 and MSP Plug in

Question asked by Karthik_Venkataraman on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by Karthik_Venkataraman
We recently had our Clarity upgarded to V 13 and had the new Java rolled out. Java version is 1.7. It used to work until we had some Java patch installed. Since then when i open the project file using the plug in I get an VB Error message. I get like Variable not defined . its seems to stop in this module always

Sub OpenFromDatabase()
If CheckVersion = 0 Then Exit Sub

' Site defined pre-check enabled?
If CA_IntegrationHooks.Clarity_OpenPrecheck() = False Then
Niku_Api.mspLogger "Clarity_OpenPrecheck() returns false", 1
GoTo Exit_OpenFrom
End If
End If

' push current directory
sCurDir = CurDir

' force a dummy project open so we 'ref' the application and
' keep it active in case user cancels the project open dialog
If Application.Projects.count = 0 Then
Application.Visible = True
End If

Any idea or has anyone faced a similar problem? I have tried reinstalling MSP and re installing the plug in but nothing worked.Appreciate the help in advance.