IDMS IPCS Report Writer Updated

Discussion created by ChuckHardee on Jan 17, 2013
Hello Everyone,

For those of you using the IDMS IPCS Report Writer, I have uploaded a new version moments ago.
It contains various corrections to some of the code as well as some minor changes in the way some of the output is formatted.

You can find it here:
Or, you can go there yourself by clicking on the "Community Documents" link above, then:
___Software Libraries
______User Contributed Library
_________IDMS IPCS Report

As the description states, the file ends in ".ZIP" only because the upload process requires a valid suffix and it is the closest match to the file format.
The file is actually a TERSEd PDS containing the IDMSREXX module and the default "@GROUPS@" definition.
Upload it to the mainframe using binary and then run TERSE to unpack it.
Gary Cherlet has provided some sample JCL to do the TESRE in the first comment.

I hope to post the User Manual in the next month or so.
(Yes, there IS a user manual!)

As always, if you find problems, let me know, they will get fixed.
Also, if you have other ideas for reports to be produced for debugging problems, again, let me know.