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Assignment ETC Field in OWB/Clairty

Question asked by michael.perdunn on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by michael.perdunn
We utilize a view in OWB that displays resource assignments broken down by resource, task, and broken down into a time-scale.
This view helps our Team Leads see how much ETC is remaining and how long a task will take.
Currently, this view is available in OWB and our coordinators print a weekly report for the Team Leads.
We are quickly phasing out many of our printed reports and trying to move everything into portlets within Clarity.
This OWB view pulls a field "Assignment Estimate to Complete". I am not able to find this field in Clairty in order to replicate this OWB view in Clairty.
I have attached two screen shots to help visualize.

Michael Perdunn