General Availability Announcement: CA Process Automation 4.1

Discussion created by Kaj.Wierda Employee on Jan 21, 2013
We are pleased to announce the availability of CA Process Automation 4.1.

New features for CA Process Automation 4.1 include:

Documentation Generation
It's now possible to generate PDF documentation of processes including details on each operator and its parameters as well as an image of the process flow.

New Script Editor
Instead of a plain text editor, PAM now uses a language aware script editor that supports keyword highlighting for the base language (e.g. JavaScript) as well as PAM specific keywords and functions.

NTLM pass-through authentication (Windows based SSO)
In addition to supporting SSO through SiteMinder, PAM can be configured to support NTLM pass-through authentication via EEM.

Duration and Progress Specification and Monitoring
An anticipated duration can now be specified for a process, enabling monitoring of expected vs. actual duration of processes. Also, designers can indicate progression points within a process definition and when the process executes, a progress indicator will be updated in the Operations tab.

Content Metadata
Content Designers can now specify release information (name & version) for a set of automation objects. This information will be retained on import into other Automation libraries thus making it easier to verify consistency between versions across disparate Orchestrators.

Forms Enhancements
Enhanced forms editor now supports drag and drop as well as new JavaScript methods to enable populating form elements from common SOAP and RESTful APIs.

Configuration Specification for Custom Operator Groups
Now it's possible to create general configuration options for a group of custom operators. Custom operator designers can create a set of common parameters that can be specified by users that will be applied across an entire group of custom operators.

XSLT Operator
An XSLT Operator has been added to the connector inventory to support XML transformations.

RESTful API Support
In addition to the existing SOAP based Web Services API, a new RESTful based Web Services API has been added for programmatically interfacing with PAM.

To obtain your copy of CA Process Automation 4.1, please download from CA Support Online: https://support.ca.com.